Sunday, August 2, 2009

Philippine President Corazon expier colon cancer

Former Philippine President Corazon Aquino, whose "People Power" movement pushed out longtime strongman Ferdinand Marcos less than three years after her husband's assassination, has died at age 76, her family announced Saturday.

Bishop Gabby Reyes blesses the casket of former Philippine president Corazon Aquino at her wake in Manila.

Thousands of mourners paid their final respects to former Philippine President Corazon Aquino on Sunday, lining up to file past her coffin in silent tribute to the "People Power" democracy leader.
Aquino, who died at the age of 76 on Saturday after a long battle with colon cancer, led millions of Filipinos in protests against dictator Ferdinand Marcos in a popular revolt in 1986, before taking over as president.
World figures led by US President Barack Obama paid tribute to Aquino as "an inspiration", while President Gloria Arroyo declared 10 days of mourning for the woman she described as a "national treasure".

Until March last year, when she withdrew from public life after being diagnosed with colon cancer, she had been active in street protests denouncing government corruption.

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