Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aishwarya Rai is dreaming girl

Dreaming girl………………? I feel Aishwarya Rai, , deserves to be called the 'dreamgirl' .

An actress' life is the same - nothing has changed. They have to work very hard, make themselves look beautiful and need a lot of dedication to remain at the top,' comment by Hema, who was in this suburb of the national capital Monday to felicitate winners of supermarket Big Bazaar's 'Meet The Dreamgirl' contest.

Even Rajnikanth impressed with Aishwarya……… But the director is making sure that nothing goes wrong with the film and the film turns out to be master piece.

Shankar’s problems have been eased a bit with
Aishwarya picking up Tamil language very quickly. Even Rajnikanth is said to be impressed as he had never seen anyone from North India speak in Tamil so well.

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