Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jackson's doctor(Dr. Conrad Murray)manslaughte

Dr Murray is one of several doctors who have been interviewed in connection with Jackson’s death. He (Dr. Murray) was present at Jackson’s Los Angeles home when the singer suffered a cardiac arrest.
The investigation is believed to centre upon Jackson's doctor use of the drug Diprivan, a powerful anaesthetic also known as Propofol, which was found in his home.
Dr Murray’s lawyer, Ed Chernoff, has neither agree nor disagree that his client administered the drug to Jackson.
A lawyer for Jackson's doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray, says police were searching the clinic for evidence of manslaughter.
Basically we are also obliged about use of Diprivan, it’s used to put people to sleep before surgery, is not available over the counter or with a prescription, and is rarely used outside of a hospital setting.
After Jackson's death it has found his rented Holmby Hills.

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